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Hello Chocolate Loving Friend!!!

 The Big Chocolate Show

Love chocolate? Join me October 8th and 9th in NYC for the biggest chocolate event of the year! Discover exceptional chocolate creations, attend live demonstrations, classes and chocolate pairings. Take part in a variety of gourmet activities including: talks & tastings,  exhibitions and chocolate workshops for adults and children. 


NEWS: The Chocolate Clinic will no longer sell Chocolate.  See latest Blog post for reasons why. I WILL continue to hold events, bring you news and recipes all with a chocolate focus, so please continue to visit


5 Reasons to Eat Bean-to-Bar Chocolate 

Q: What is Craft Chocolate?

A: Makers who make chocolate from the cocoa bean to the bar.

Why should you eat craft chocolate? 

  1. Because it starts with the bean.  The Craft Chocolate Makers are obsessed with sourcing the best cocoa beans so you can have the best tasting chocolate.  
  2. You can taste the world! Most of the chocolate makers work with single origin beans, which means one cocoa bean from one place in the cocoa-growing world:  Belize, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Madagascar, etc. By eating a single origin chocolate bar  you will start to understand the differences in flavor each region produces--and that's pretty cool.
  3. You are supporting small business/small farmers. Most of the makers are small to mid-sized companies (the Chocolate Clinic included!), so buying craft chocolate means you are saying you value small, often family run, business here in the United States and in the cocoa growing farming regions. 
  4. Eating Organic.  Organic ingredients are used in most of the chocolate featured here.  If organic and whole foods are an important part of your diet, then craft chocolate is the perfect fit.
  5. You care about Ethically Sourced foods. Most bean to bar, craft chocolate makers are interested in sustainability, paying fair and living wages to everyone in the supply chain: from farmers to the employees in their small chocolate factories.  Much of the cocoa is purchased through direct/fair trade.  



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